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1. Blue sky, sunshine, summer.

2. Advocating responsible rabbit guardianship.

3. Watching documentaries and news. Working as a stage manager at KTVU many years ago left me forever addicted.

4. Tom Petty. The music and the person.

5. Exploring all the nooks and crannies of San Francisco; Bernal Heights, Stow Lake, and hearing the calls of the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill.

6. My band.

7. Reading biographies. I love people's stories. My most recent favorite is Composed by Rosanne Cash.

8. Running. My Daddy taught me all about it. Next up is the 2012 San Francisco Marathon.

9. Traveling. Anywhere and everywhere. A previous career as a travel agent helped immensely with that.

10. Cooking. I love trying new recipes. Once upon a time I cooked for Julia Child.